Installation & Removal

We provide our clients with a variety of services, but what we are most famous for are our exclusive graphic installation and removal packages. Our clients range from small business owners to motor enthusiasts who would like to give their set of wheels a unique outlook.

The graphics installation service we provide is not only the most cost effective in Iowa, but also of the highest quality. Perfectionism is our motto, which is why all the graphics installation jobs that we do are guaranteed to last you for at least the next decade!

Why Should I Consider Graphics Installation?

There’s no need to explain how a distinct graphics design can make your car look like something completely out of the world. But did you know that a protective wrap also helps drive up your car’s resale value? It’s no secret that Iowa’s humid air wouldn’t let any car maintain its finish for more than a year, as water molecules in the air react with the unprotected metal coating, causing it to rust. By protecting your car’s finish with a 3M wrap, you are guaranteed to get a higher value than usual.

For business owners looking to advertise on a budget, there’s no better way to do so then by installing the business’s graphics logo on a vehicle. In fact, research shows that vehicle graphics garner more than 40,000 impressions a year, while costing less than a tenth of traditional billboard ads placements.

Consider graphics installation as an investment that garners long-term gains through advertisement, makes your car look completely unique, and protects it from external elements.

Graphic Installation- Why Choose World Class Graphics & Displays

3M Certification

We hold the distinct honor of being the only 3M certified company in all of Eastern Iowa. This means that our installation staff undergoes extensive training before they are allowed anywhere near an installation site. If that’s not good enough, we are also members of the United Applications Standard Group (UASG), ensuring the highest level of quality in our installations. We comply by all 3M regulations, including the use of durable 3M vinyl materials that are weatherproof, tear-proof, and will maintain their integrity for years to come.

Infinite Number of Designs Only Limited by Your Imagination

Thinking about getting a unique design for your company logo? You can choose from a variety of pre-designed logos that come in all shapes and sizes. And if you still feel that those designs don’t represent your vision, you can also send us a draft of your logo and we can work it out for you! Imagination is the only boundary here, as our expert designers will accommodate any design you wish for.


Though quality and cost effectiveness are our top priorities, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction is what takes a business from the ground up to the skies. This is why we handle every one of our projects individually, taking the customer’s requirements and preferences into consideration. Whether you plan on installing graphics on an entire fleet or just someone looking to get a protective layer over their car, our experts go the distance to make sure all your requirements are met in the best possible manner. What separates us from the rest is that we don’t just do the job and call it a day; we make sure that the customer is fully satisfied. This is why we recommend meeting with our experts to discuss your needs and monetary considerations.

Huge Installation Facility

Installing graphics on a 4 door sedan is one thing, but what about bigger vehicles such as trailers and buses? At World Class Graphics & Displays, we have an installation facility big enough to accommodate the biggest mammoths on the roads of Iowa, including 18 wheelers and full sized 53inch trailers!

Nationwide Network of Installers

Though we are based in Iowa, we have a nationwide network of installers that are available at your request! Whether you are travelling out of state or are based in California, our staff is always ready to serve.

Graphic Removal- Why Choose World Class Graphics & Displays

No Harsh Chemicals Used

One of the most common reasons why people avoid getting graphics installed is due to the fear of removal chemicals damaging the originality of the equipment. While that was a valid concern a few years ago, today’s technology allows us to use completely safe solvents that maintain the integrity of the surface. All of the removal chemicals used by World Class Graphics & Displays are certified by 3M, meaning greater peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly

We also pay our dues to Mother Earth by making sure that the waste accumulated by the removal process is properly disposed off. Our removal chemicals also contain the lowest concentrations of aerosols and are completely safe.

No Residue

Worried about chemical residue left over after all those years that the graphics were installed? Fear not, as the 3M vinyl graphics we use have no such problems, meaning your car will still be shining in the same condition as it was when the graphics were first applied.

Available At Your Convenience

Are you interested in our service but not located within proximity to us? Our extensive network of professionals is spread all around the States, so whether you are located in Florida or Alabama, you can still avail our top of the line service!