Fleet program

How many times have you seen this – You are going to work in the morning and next to you, you see a car waiting at the traffic lights , and it says on the door “Fresh pizza delivery – call today 999-999-999!” – Sounds like a good idea for lunch, right? Moreover, how many times have you seen a truck or car, with advertising and marketing messages on them? How many times have you called such a service, where you picked up the number from a car?

Chances are, you might have called such a service once in your life, if you didn’t, you might have saved the number for use in the future! That is the power of fleet marketing program – creating advertising exposure and creating new marketing opportunities wherever each car from a fleet goes!

Why Is It Important?

Fleet marketing or vehicle marketing is comparatively a new approach to marketing. Like everything else, the marketing environment is constantly being saturated with a number of different messages from different companies. Customers now find themselves choosing between a hundred options, even when they are about to buy some toothpaste! This is called noise, and a new approach to penetrate this noise and successfully get to the consumer was much needed.

Fleet marketing puts forth an essential marketing and advertising tool, which, according to experts, each business should use.

Create Hundreds Of Advertising Opportunities In One Go!

Assume that you run a pest extermination service, and you get a call for a visit. The car you send over with vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps is going to benefit you a lot, because on each visit, it will be able to create enough exposure for new advertising opportunities. So you can expect to make ten new opportunities from one visit you conduct!

Marketing Can’t Get Any Affordable Than This!

More importantly, the best part about using vehicle-lettering services is that, they offer you one of the most effective marketing tools, at the lowest cost! In fact, in a research study, it was concluded that vehicle with lettering or printing on them can generate over 40,800 opportunities of exposure, annually, and that too at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing approaches. This makes the fleet designing program one of the most affordable, and without a doubt, the most effective tool for marketing.

Visual Appeal Does Play A Role!

On the other hand, there is the visual appeal factor. Bright, vibrant, colorful graphics on your fleet vehicles are bound to attract eyes. Now consider you are doing 30km/h in your neighborhood, and there are people all around. Now, if your vehicle wraps and prints are designed creatively, innovatively using colors, chances are if you passed 100 people, 70 will have a look and among those 70, at least 30 people are those who will instantly save your number to give you a call, and the rest 40 will save it to call you when they need you. This way, you created tons of new business opportunities for yourself, just with a colorfully attractive wrapping on your car and a calm cruise down the road!

Is It Necessary To Create A Fleet Of Cars?

Not really, it all depends on your business’s desired needs. It is not really necessary to create an entire fleet, if you have one car that is expressively covered in vinyl wrapping, it will do the job. Once you drive through town, with your name and logo and contact information attracting a number of eyes, you will surely generate new opportunities for your business. Research studies show that vehicle-lettering users garner 300 times the impressions compared to yellow pages, and it costs as low as 1/10th of the comparative cost. Are you really willing to give up on such a golden marketing and advertising opportunity? That’s right, you aren’t and you shouldn’t.

Creating New Custom Ideas

So if you have finally decided to get your fleet design program, you should know that these designs are not just about the ones available or the generic ones. It is all up to your imagination and creativity, and how you get your vehicles wrapped.

A large beer can wrapping on the side of a huge 18-wheeler truck is something most of us has seen, isn’t it? After seeing that, the next thing you wish is that you had a beer can as large as the one on the truck. Similarly getting a sedan covered from the hood back to the exhaust tips can give off a highly unique and appealing look.

To be precise, you can be sure to instill your creativity in the vehicle wrap designs, in whatever way you wish!

Simplicity Is The Key Here

So how do you design the perfect vehicle wraps idea? It is easy? In fact, it is easier. Although you can integrate your creativity in terms of colors and shapes, the best way to design a vehicle wrapping is to keep it simple and precise.

Look at it from a prospect’s point of view, someone who is driving and you drive by. They only have a second or two to look at your message, and these are the most essential two seconds. Therefore, you should always aim to keep your vehicle wrap messages short and precise, without any sort of noise. In most cases it is always better to put some essential details on your message, like the name, logo, and contact with a call to action. That is enough to make the customers realize if they need your service or not and they will note down your contact details if they need to, without having to make much effort.

One Of The Top Marketing Tools!

Vehicle wrap designing and vehicle lettering is by far one of the most essential marketing tools you can use to create essential exposure and opportunities for your business. If you haven’t stepped into this field of advertising, be sure you do before your competitors and make the most out of this simple, affordable, and highly effective marketing tool.