Vehicle Wraps & Lettering

Alliant EnergyDo you want more attention from you potential clients? Why not turn heads wherever you go? With our custom vehicle lettering and wraps.  The cost is just a fraction of what you would spend on traditional advertising.  And, if you look at ROI, its actually a better investment. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet – you brand will shine as we use high quality materials. We print graphics using an advanced printer, which make the color brighter and in high resolution. The end result is a vehicle reflecting your brand and increases awareness on the road.

And it gets better? Compared to other marketing strategies, the costs incurred for this are just a fraction of a second. (Read about ROI of vehicle wraps in our education center.) So let us turn your vehicles into a rolling billboard.

Grab attention with vehicle wraps and fleet graphics.


Greek YogurtDid you know?

  • Advertisements on trucks have a positive influence on over 74% of motorists.
  • A drive of one mile gets 600 visual impressions.
  • Vehicle wraps create over 40,000 impressions in a year – with fleet graphics this number is 15 million.

Impressive, isn’t it? Our former clients have already benefited from our vehicle wraps and lettering, and you too can get your message out there by trying our services.

You will not believe until you achieve

Iowa Humane AllianceThe facts are surprising, but you could achieve it too. We can help you with your advertising and marketing efforts in an efficient and effective manner.

Our vehicle wraps and lettering not only market your business, but they do it in just the right style. Your vehicle becomes a perfect display of your brand and your potential clients get an insight into your business as you go about performing your routine tasks.

Gain maximum visibility

Picture4Our vehicles wraps have been designed to provide you with maximum visibility. No matter which product you choose, your message will be displayed on every side of the vehicle. Use our vehicle wraps out on the road and let everyone read your brand message for minimal costs.




vehicle-wrap-02Here is what we offer

  • Colored single logos
  • Lettering
  • Fleet graphics
  • Full color wraps


Which option do you want to try out?

Single Logos – simple but prominent

A single logo just takes up a small portion of your car. Whether you opt for a corner or somewhere in the centre, people will notice and your business will be promoted.

Vehicle Lettering – easy yet effective

Brighten up your vehicle with beautiful lettered messages and decals. Let your vehicle voice your brand message. Whether you adorn your vehicles with lettering by yourself or allow us, you are going to love the results you get.

Fleet Graphics – for a blown up marketing campaign

Fleet graphics are one of the best ways for mass and mobile advertising. As you go about the daily operations of your business, your vehicles will advertise it on your behalf. Factor in the costs and you are going to love this option even more.

Fleet graphics are a smart advertising option from an investment point of view. With just a fraction of the costs, you enjoy the results of a full-fledged marketing campaign.

Opt for a single decal or a complete warp, fleet graphics demonstrates proficiency, while promoting your business.

Vehicle Wraps – a powerful advertising option

Vehicle wraps are an affordable way to reach out to a wide audience and to add more customers to your database. Market your message in a right manner, and you will convince them that you are the best choice. As for the costs, they are not much, but the results are quite significant.

We have so much to offer

  • Impressive designs that are bound to attract attention
  • Professional quality and high class materials
  • Skilled installation team that provides incredible finishing results
  • The best rates in town

Quality is our topmost priority

We use the latest equipment and advanced techniques for developing our vehicle graphics and letterings. Recent innovations in adhesives and cast vinyl have improved application quality, and we are cashing in on this opportunity so that we can provide you topnotch products that are best in class.

At World Class Graphics & Displays, we use only high quality materials from reputed manufacturers. Our materials offer a strong resistance to the harsh rays of the sun and do not get damaged. We also use a state-of-the-art printer for producing bright colors.

Once we are done with printing, we laminate our products. This is the key to durability, longevity, and brighter colors.

All our products are easy to remove and can be used for a number of advertising campaigns.

Everyone can afford our prices

We offer our services at an economical rate that is not going to put any strains on your budget, while allowing you to enjoy prominent results. Our prices depend on a number of factors.

  • Your chosen option and design
  • The number of vehicles that you want to use for advertising
  • Your selected materials
  • Fitting and installation

We are the best in business for vehicle wraps and lettering

Quality is our primary focus, but that is not the only strength we have. We have other characteristics as well that make us stand out in the industry:

  • A wide range of products
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Several years of experience in the industry
  • A skilled and dedicated team
  • Customized options designed to suit your particular needs

How many vehicles do you have?

Got just one truck or a complete fleet? To us, it does not matter and we will wrap them up in our beautiful designs.

And which model is it?

We can provide you with wraps and lettering for simply any vehicle. Just name your choice, and we will have it for you.

  • Cars
  • SUVs
  • Box trucks and trailers
  • Pick-up vans
  • Coaches and buses
  • Motorcycles

And there is more than just vehicles

  • Boat
  • Buildings
  • And so many other endless possibilities!

So allow us to serve you and help you in promoting your business. Choose any of our products and you will get to enjoy impressive results.

Contact us at 319-395-0220 now if you want to use your own vehicles and fleets for building your brand and promoting your business.