Trade Show Displays and Graphics

Picture10We are the only trade show display manufacturer in Iowa, yes we actually build them right here in Cedar Rapids. You can visit our trade show site; for more information. Below is a brief summary of what we can offer.

We build custom trade show displays with an innovative design using a balanced combination of aluminum extrusions and large format graphics to produce a striking design that will stand out at the show.

We collaborate with you and consider all aspects of your trade show including shipping, packaging, assembling, and storage.  Opt for our trade show graphics and get more people to visit your booth.

Picture11Our signs, flags, banners, and floor line of products allow you to market your business in a way that is easy, but extremely powerful.

More attendees, increase leads, and boost sales

Powerful graphical displays are the key to success

The success of your tradeshow depends on the power of your booth and materials. We have a wide range of products that will help you convey the right message to your target audience. Whether you want a simple banner or a complete trade booth system, we can provide you with a solution that will command attention and leave a lasting impression.

What we offer

Picture12Pillowcase Displays

A Pillowcase display is composed of a  dye sublimated graphic attached to a sturdy aluminum frame. They are easy to transport and even easier to set up. A 10×10 unit weighs less than 25 lbs. Use pillowcase displays to market the simple and easy way.

Picture13Popup and Panel Systems

Popup and panel systems are traditional marketing systems that have stood the test of time. These are a popular option for an added boost to the appearance of your tradeshow booth while maintaining simplicity and convenience. As these systems have evolved and advancements have been made, we have stayed on top of the industry to keep our options on the cutting edge. Light weight and portable, our popup panel systems are aimed at making marketing easier for you than ever before.

Picture14Banner Stands

Staying simple and focused puts a clear light on your message and helps you grab attention. With our professional looking banner stands, you can promote nearly anything.  They are simple and affordable yet have the power to effectively deliver your marketing message.



Picture15Hybrid Systems – innovation to make you stand out

Hybrid systems are an innovative trade show display design with a balanced combination of aluminum extrusions and large format graphics to produce a striking design that will stand out at any show. Our hybrid systems feature large font graphics and a sturdy aluminum base. This product provides a bold appearance that will set you apart from the crowd. Get the attention you want with our hybrid systems.





Picture17Tabletop Displays

At World Class Graphics & Displays we offer a huge range of tabletop displays. These displays work great if you’re short on space and they are designed to work well with nearly any table. Adorn your booths with our tabletop displays and market your business professionally.


Picture18Tension Fabric Displays

Featuring dye sublimated fabrics with bright colors, these tension fabric displays are ready to be mounted on a frame. The durable material is resistant to wrinkles and designed to last. Transport and assembly is a breeze as they are easy to pack/unpack and can be assembled in minutes.



Picture19ONEshot Stretch Fabric Displays

Stretch fabric displays are lightweight and factory assembled. These displays are a new and innovative marketing solution. They are composed of a popup frame over which the dye sublimated stretch fabric is attached. Set up is fast and simple! The fabric stays attached during transport so all you need to do is expand the frame and secure it in its place with a simple lock. Choose our stretch fabric display and you will be ready for your trade show in just a few minutes.

Panel Trade Show Displays – for promoting with versatility and flexibility

Our panel trade show displays are available in a number of adaptable configurations that make them easy-to-use. These are some of the most versatile trade show displays on the market. They can accommodate nearly any accessory such as monitors, graphics and lights.  Design colors and options are unlimited so let your dreams run wild.

Why choose us?

Fast Results

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your attendees before they move to the next booth. This is where we come in. We have been in this business for many years and we know how to get results. We can give you a design that will get the attention you want and put your message out there.

Marketing Strategy

By the way, we’re not just designers and installers. We can offer you valuable advice  with years of experience for using you marketing tools in an effective manner. Sign up with us, and let us take your company to the next level by helping you build your band.

Complete Range of Products

We have many types of trade show graphics that you can use to draw more attention to your booth and your brand.  We will help you choose the right solutions and customize it according to your needs.

Superior Quality

All our trade show graphics are made from the highest quality materials. They not only market your message right, but are built to last.


Affordability is a primary concern for many of our clients and we are well aware of this. We strive to get you the best value for you business dollar.