Signs, Flags, Banner and Floors

Visual Marketing

Build your brand image and increase awareness in a way that is simple, powerful and cost effective at the same time – accomplish amazing results with your marketing campaign.  Buy our impressive and professional looking signs, banners, flags, and floor graphics.

World Class Graphics & Displays offer you a huge range of custom signs, flags, banners, floor, and window graphics so you can promote your company in an effective manner.

Business Marketing Options

Banners – Stick to the tradition and still achieve results

World Class Graphics & Displays offers a huge range of banners that let you follow the traditional promotional strategies and be classy at the same time. Available in many shapes and sizes, banner are a convenient option for marketing on the go.

We offer a variety of banners in a number of shapes and styles. We are focused on quality and we use American made vinyl fabric – its what your business deserves.

  • Single colored and multi-colored banners
  • One side or two side printed banners
  • Triangular, square, rectangular and circular shapes
  • Easy to set up without requiring any additional tools

Windows and Floor Graphics – Grab attention instantly

Our windows and floor graphics increase your exposure and let anyone who walks by read your message. Use the banners creatively and you will be noticed.

Our floor graphics are available in all shapes and sizes. Simple lettering or colorful graphics – your visibility will increase. Smooth floors or uneven, rough surfaces – our graphics will still work and produce an incredible image on the surface, whether you install them outdoors or indoors.

Unique features for our products:

  • Works both outdoors and indoors
  • Simple installation – only the tiles have to be connected
  • Two sizes: 2 ft x 2 ft, 2 ft x 4 ft, each with a thickness of 5/8 in

Window graphics are a great option in terms of both decorations and privacy. Plus, they keep you safe.  We use reinforced and tinted glass, which keeps all the harmful effects on the sun outside.

Whether you want your windows to read out your store timings or display a colorful logo on your floor, we can help you with it. We usually use vinyl for our window graphics; this way anyone can see outside from the inside, but no one on the outsize can see on the inside. We also offer window graphics on a translucent film, which is fixed in front of a backlight. Light it up and the sign glows beautifully in the dark night.

  • Etched window, promotional, full colored window graphics and a number of other options
  • Glass is not damaged

Signs – Produce a powerful impact, no matter which size you opt for

Create the perfect first impression with our signs, which can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Incorporate your brand image into them and let your message be read by anyone who sets eyes on them. Choose any material and finishing that you like, and if you want more prominence, you can even light them up. Your customers will go wow.

  • Yard signs
  • Road sign monuments
  • Dimensional letters
  • Magnetic signs
  • Leasing signs
  • Industrial signs
  • Panel signs
  • Illuminated signs

Flags – Big or Small, they are effective all the same

Make a style statement and impress your visitors with our incredible and brightly colored flags. Featuring either a company logo or some tagline, our flags are made of durable material that is affixed to a polyester string. Use them indoors or outdoors – as they whisk in the wind, your message will be proudly displayed to the onlookers.

  • Feather, teardrop and a number of other styles
  • Available in many different shapes and sizes
  • Can be  used at any event such as golf days, beaches, trade shows and sport days

Results, today, tomorrow and always

Developing marketing materials for you in Cedar Rapids, Iowa we have an attention to detail and a huge range of products to offer, all which are based on the highest quality. Our banners, signs, floor graphics and flags are designed to attract and entice your potential clients.

Choose any of our products and you will have a long trail of customers following you around soon enough.

Features that set us apart

  • Professional looking designs
  • Quality materials
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Affordable prices